All of our products are all natural, cruelty free, and made in the USA! Each bath will include the shampoo that best suits your dog’s coat and skin.


Every Grooming includes:


  • A nail trim and ear cleaning with hair removal
  • A luxurious, deep cleaning, hydro-surge bath, with healthy shampoos that are specially selected to your dog’s skin type
  • Natural Blueberry facial
  • Blow dry or fluff dry, full brush out and a professional hair cut and style


Prices 0-40 lbs 40+
Bath $30-$80 $40-$100
Haircut & Bath $40-$100 $60-$120

* Prices are set by your groomer


Prices are determined by the groomer and may vary based on coat and behavior.

Extra Services

*Appointments Only

  • Nail Trim: $10.00
  • Nail Polish: + $10.00
  • Dremel: + $5.00
  • Teeth Brushing: + $5.00
  • Ear Cleaning: + $5.00
  • Skunk Bath: + $15.00
  • Medicated Shampoo: + $5.00
  • Flea Bath: + $20.00
    NOT a preventative!
    *Will be given to every pet that is found with fleas. For info on fleas visit What you can do to Prevent Fleas